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Warning this is an Off Color Post: The Dye Lot Issue

Warning this is an Off Color Post: The Dye Lot Issue

Warning this is an Off Color Post: The Dye Lot Issue

Slate Gray from Two Different Years

Slate Gray from Two Different Years

Please forgive the pun, but it really is very appropriate. Trust me when I tell you we have had more that one ‘off color’ conversation with customers that were not aware that ordering flooring at two different times can cause an issue. As a side note, monitors are terrible representation of color so get a sample before you order.

Like any flooring manufacturer, most of our products are made in batches. So lets assume you are ordering green G-Floor garage mats. The manufacturer may run thousands of linear feet and the product is stored flat waiting for orders. When orders are pulled, attention is paid to make sure they are from the same batch.

If however you place an order and then a week, month or year down the road you try to place another order, it is very possible and even likely that you will see some color difference. In most cases, but not always it is a minor shade change. We have had instances with red and blue where they were very different.

Your best bet when ordering flooring of any type is to order all your flooring at one time. It is important to measure carefully and order what you need. In many cases the difference is not noticeable but as you can see by the picture shown here, sometimes the difference can be drastic.

If you are in a situation where you need to place a second order after the fact, it is helpful if you can find the dye lot number which is printed on G-Floor products and on many of the boxes of garage floor tile that we sell.


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