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simple garage flooring options

Simple Garage Flooring

simple garage flooringWith so much information about garage flooring on the market, there is one very  basic concept that is overlooked. Simple garage flooring. When I started selling garage floor mats from Better Life Technology in 2001 that was the simple premise of the floor. A fast easy way to cover your garage floor without the work or preparation involved in an epoxy or tile floor. I was reminded of that today when my partner who focuses on the programming side of the business made this comment:

I’m just saying…with the all the options we have for floor covering, roll out mats are just the dead-simple option.

There are so many more options today then when we first started in this industry. When we first got into this business in 2001 we had one pattern of roll out flooring in two standard colors and four premium colors. Things have changed since then. One thing has not. The reason to go with a BLT G-Floor roll out garage floor mat is simple. Literally. Unpack it, roll it out and trim it to fit. No prep, no adhesive and most of our customers don’t even use a seam tape.

Please don’t misunderstand this post. We sell a lot of garage floor tiles and garage floor coating products and we love them. There is absolutely nothing wrong with either option and to the contrary for some of our customers, they are a much better fit. They are just more work.

The up side to the amount of choices you have in garage flooring is that you can get exactly what you want and in many cases you can get it when and where you need it. Unfortunately, sometimes those of us in  the business spend so much time comparing the technical aspects of the product that we forget some of the most basic things. In this case that basic thing is there is not a simpler, easier to install garage floor protection product than the BLT G-Floor garage floor mats