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small coin vs large coin garage floor mats

Small Coin Versus Large Coin

Garage Flooring LLC offers the newer G-Floor Small Coin garage floor mats from Better Life Technology. The garage floor mats offer substantial cost savings over the original Coin Pattern garage mats. Many customers are curious as to the difference between the two products.

First and foremost, as the name might suggest, the Small Coin garage floor mats have a smaller coin pattern. They are about the diameter of a dime. The original coin mats have a larger circumference — a little larger than a quarter. Also, as you can see from the picture, the small coin has a texture to it for increased traction.

There is a thickness difference between the products as well.  The original coin has a base thickness of 110 Mils, whereas the new Small Coin is slightly thinner at 90 Mils. That accounts for roughly 1/67th of an inch difference in the thickness measured from the bottom of the mat to the bottom of the coin — and no, I can’t find that on my tape measure either.

The difference in the amount of material does show up better on the scale than it would on a tape measure. The original Coin would weigh about 170 pounds for a 10 x 24 mat, whereas the new Small Coin weighs about 140 pounds.

By popular demand, we have added a second size at 24′ long in the small coin product. There have been more requests for material capable of covering 22-27′ wide garages, and the new product combinations make that more accessible than ever.

We have also found that the new Small Coin pattern provides a better working surface for rolling toolboxes, creepers, jacks, and other items. The coins are closer together, and the wheels tend to glide from coin to coin.

While there is no ASTM testing as of yet to back this up, we feel the Small Coin pattern mat provides a clean advantage in traction as well. More surface area in contact with your foot, along with the light texture, provides a great grip.