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Cracks and Expansion Joints

What do I do with Cracks and Expansion Joints in My Garage Floor before Installing Garage Floor Mats or Tiles?

The simple answer is absolutely nothing. Most garage floor mats and tiles were designed to be installed over your existing garage floor with little or no prep work. In most cases a simple push broom will do the trick.

Expansion joints are present in many if not most garage floors. They are intentional grooves that are placed in the concrete such that when the floor expands and contracts it does as little damage as possible. If you decide you are going to fill the expansion joints you need to be very careful. Why? Because if you fill the expansion joints with a material that is not flexible you may actually damage your floor.

Hairline cracks will have no impact on your typical garage floor tiles or mats and there is really no need to fill them. If you have developed extremely wide cracks, you should consider having the slab looked at before applying any garage flooring — just to make sure there is not an issue with your concrete. In most cases the floor can be rolled out directly over the floor without worrying about it.

If you decide that your expansion joints or cracks to need to be filled or repaired, we have accessories from our epoxy lines that will help with that. Just give us a call at 800-956-4301 so we can direct you to the best product