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Working from Master Rolls of Garage Flooring

We did it! We got our garage floor installed this weekend and we will be publishing a lot of video and images shortly. We still have some work to do in the garage and we continue this series.

Before we proceeded, we wanted to let you know how we felt about working from master rolls. To summarize it simply: I would not do it again if I had a choice. Working from a master roll of garage flooring added a lot of work and time to the overall installation. Sometimes it is a necessary evil, but if you can avoid it, you will be better off. Here are a couple of concerns:

  • The master rolls are 8.5 x 100′ and they come on a large freight truck. Getting the roll off the freight job is the responsibility of the person receiving the flooring. We had a great driver from Yellow Freight who was more than willing to help. He and I got the 600 pound roll off the truck by ourselves. BUT I could see where it could be a challenge.
  • We cut every piece twice. Master rolls can’t be  left sitting rolled. We rolled it out and cut off in 20′ sections and did our final trim later.
  • We  only had two pieces with factory edges.
  • Master rolls come pattern out. this mean when we rolled it out the pattern was face down on the concrete. It took some extra care and some extra cleaning.

If we had a huge garage or a commercial location this probably would have been the way to go. Working in a 600 sq.ft. residential garage, we would definitely not recommend working from master rolls for the average DIY consumer. That said when we were all done, it was a little extra work but its a beautiful garage. We WOULD recommend the small coin to anyone!

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