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G-Floor Garage Floor Mats Installation Video

G-Floor Garage Floor Mats Installation Video

G-Floor Garage Floor Mats Installation in My Personal Garage

g-floor small coin garage floor mats

G-Floor Small Coin Garage Floor Mats

Riina and I had a lot of fun installing G-Floor in our garage. In about a couple of hours we had transformed our stained and slightly pitted garage floor into an amazing and attractive garage. The project makes the 600 square feet of garage into a usable space for storage or even as a recreational room. We chose the small coin garage floor mats because we believe they are the best all-purpose garage flooring around. They provide great traction, creepers and jacks roll with ease and they are very easy to clean.

Obviously we can’t show you the entire installation. Not everything was perfect the first time and it was definitely some work. When you consider I am in e-commerce and my wife is a school teacher and full-time mom, it goes to show that anyone can transform their garage!

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