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What Seam Method Is Best For My Garage Floor Mats

What Seam Method Is Best For My Garage Floor Mats

How Should I seam My Garage Floor Mats

Center Strip Black

Center Strip Black

There are three basic ways to deal with seam when you are installing your G-Floor garage floor mats.  The first and most common method is to simply but the two mats together and let them be. The downside to this method is if and when the mats expand and contract, you are going to have a gap between the sections of flooring.

G-Floor seam tape is perhaps the best option for a single seam, but it does require a little work. Make sure you check out our full installation video and seam tape videos on our video resources page. To install seam tape you start with the butt joint method, let the floor relax and then place the seam strip between the two sections of floor. If you have two or more seams, DO NOT USE THE SEAM TAPE.

An easy way to join together two sections is the center strip. It is also a great option for creating an expansion joint like Justin did on his floor. The downside to the center strip is it is very visible and you can see every seam.

As a quick reminder, this is regarding PVC car floor mats as even the best rubber mats are not great for vehicular traffic. We believe the best PVC car floor mats to be G-Floor.

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