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Still a big G-floor from BLT fan

G-Floor Small Coin

Over a decade later, and still loving G-Floor

I have been in this industry long enough to remember when the idea of ‘garage flooring’ sounded crazy to most people. There was little acceptance in the main stream marketplace and frankly it was an item that most people stumbled on accidentally.  At that time there was one product (G-Floor Ribbed) in two basic colors and four premium colors. The industry has changed a lot since those days and from time to  time we take a look at all the products we offer.

G-Floor brand garage floor mats is still one of the best overall values in the industry and it is still what I use on my garage floor at home. Product selection always depends on your specific set of circumstances, but the G-Floor line of products offers a quick and easy installation at a relatively low price point — all on a quality American Made floor covering.

From my perspective as a business owner, the G-Floor small coin garage floor mat is the new standard in the garage flooring industry. Unless there is a compelling reason or aesthetic value to going another direction, it is the product that I recommend most often and very rarely have an issue.

One thing that has not changed is garage flooring is still an ‘expertise required’ product. We field calls every days from frustrated customers who purchased the right product for the wrong reasons from mass retailers that couldn’t or wouldn’t help them make a good selection.

While we still compete on price, and we still offer free shipping, the bottom line is we have the tools and the experience to put you in the right garage floor — and for most of our customers that is a G-Floor product.


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