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Two Basic Types of Garage Floor Tile

pvc tiles versus hard plastic garage tileIf you hang out around the garage flooring industry long enough you will find that we all like to use scientific words to make us sound smart 🙂 Sometimes it can get very confusing to the customer and this is why we suggest reading our tile buying guide before making a purchase. But for the purposes of this post we wanted to clear up the two basic types of garage floor tiles.

Rigid Garage Floor Tiles: These are garage floor tiles generally made from polypropylene. That’s a nice word that basically means they are a hard plastic. They are considered hard, not flexible and generally speaking hollow.

These are the types of tiles you generally see in the checkerboard pattern and other cool designs. They do not offer any protection to the garage floor, but they are fairly stain resistant and require little if any prep. They lock together using male and female edges and some people complain that they are noisy –which is an easy fix.

So called ‘flexible’ garage floor  tiles are made from PVC, NOT rubber. Compared to rigid garage floor tiles they definitely are softer but they are a long way from being soft. They are a little more forgiving of slope changes and generally speaking are much quieter. There are several variations, but in general they use a T Lock that resembles a puzzle piece.

They offer a greater degree of protection to the garage floor but they are more susceptible to stains. Some customers find them objectionable for multiple colors because of the jagged locks. They are relatively solid and there is a great amount of quality variation. We suggest the TrueLock PVC or Tuff Seal products. PVC tiles are generally larger and they provide more of a seamless look when doing a single color.


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