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Changes to our Sample Program

Garage Flooring LLC is Changing the Way We Do Samples

Garage Floor Tile Label
Part of the approved proof for our garage floor tile label

The customer has spoken and as usual we continue to listen and improve our business. As the selection of products available continues to increase, there has been some confusion as to what garage flooring sample is being received.

In the coming weeks we are launching a new labeling system for our G-Floor garage floor mats and our garage floor tiles. All samples will include a label that clearly identifies to the customer what they are receiving.

For tiles the label will be a 6″ triangle located on the lower right portion of the tile. For G-Floor garage floor mats the label will be located on the back side of the sample.

The goal here is to reduce confusion over the samples and make the ordering process easier. This is just the latest example of how we listen to our customers and adapt to the changing market needs.

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