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How to Cut a Garage Floor Tile

How to Cut Garage Floor Tile

How to cut garage floor tileWe get a lot of questions from customers about what exactly is the best way to cut a garage floor tile. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this, but here are a few tips based on our own hands on experience.  We find these tips to be the same on both softer and harder tiles — with the exception of self stick tiles.

  • For straight cuts a table saw with a laminate blade or a radial arm saw work great. A circular saw can also be used. Use the same blade that would be used for cutting counter top laminate.
  • For small cuts and making specialty cuts a jig saw with a laminate blade works best.

The other thing to consider is which way to situate the tile. We suggest testing your cuts with the tiles facing up versus down. Depending on the direction the teeth run, some blades will cut better face up while others do better face down.

Often it is easiest to do all of the field material first and save the cuts to the end. If you are cutting a lot of tiles at one time it is important to make sure the blade cools off. Of course remember the old saying ‘measure twice and cut once!’


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