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Week in Review 6-27-14

Week in Review 6-27-14

Week in Review 6-27-14

Lets have a look at what happened on Garage Flooring LLC’s BLOG this week.

Cutting a Garage Floor Tile:  We had a basic blog post discussing the best ways to cut garage floor tiles, what types of equipment to use and even the types of blades that work best in most cases.

Garage Flooring Options: This article took a look at the options that are available for your garage floor and which options work best in what cases. We had a look at garage floor tiles, garage floor mats and garage floor epoxy.

Customer Spotlight: We had a look at a recent customer project using the TrueLock Plus ribbed garage floor tile. We discussed the benefits of open tiles and the pearl gray color along with some ideas for dealing with the furnace and water heater. Great Pictures

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