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July 4th Week in Review

Yes we know this post is a little late. We hope you enjoyed the holiday. Hopefully you had the chance to thank members of our armed forces for keeping this great nation free. Our freedom has come at great expense to many who were brave enough to serve.

This Week we covered the following important pieces of information:

G-Floor Seam Tape Justin Krauss of Garage Flooring LLC took you inside his garage and showed you how he installed the G-Floor seam tape on his small coin garage floor mats. This post included an embedded video!

33% Off Select Garage Flooring .  Honestly when I first entered that coupon code, I had to make sure I was reading it correctly. We NEVER offer huge discounts like that. In this case we were able to acquire a large amount of Corvette, Camaro and other GM product before the license expired at a huge discount — and we passed that discount onto you.

Garage Flooring Reviews: As an individual, I do not like to boast. As a business, nothing gives me more pleasure than talking about the nearly perfect ratings over 1,000 customers have given us. We are not a big box store, just a small business that competes on a national level. Our staff services our customers which means our customers get more than just a great product at a great price — they get the knowledge and experience that only we can offer!

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