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Houston You Have a Problem

Houston You Have a Problem

You decided to redo the garage and as part of that you convinced your wife that that garage flooring was the place to start. You decided on a product and picked a vendor you wanted to purchase it from. You took everything out of your garage, installed the floor and perhaps you even put everything back. Now what? Your wife is mad. your neighbors are laughing (or so it feels) and you are beside yourself. Hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and hours and hours of hard work — not to mention the build up you have been giving your friends and family. The triumphant moment has ended in peeling epoxy, a mat that won’t lay flat or tiles that are buckling. Where do you go from here?

If you purchased it from a Home Center you can probably pull it up and bring it back for a full refund — except of course your time and pride. If you purchased it from  cheaper than dot com site you may have a manufactures warranty you can work with. If you are like me, none of those options feel real good.

garage flooring problems We would love to tell you that we never have a customer with an issue. Unfortunately that is not the case. Sometimes issues come up. Sometimes they are product related, sometimes they are about an installation method that could have been a little better and sometimes it is hard to say what really happened. The bottom line is this. We are a garage flooring company and we happen to have a .com address (in addition to a real street address).

As a garage flooring company, our job is to make sure you come away with the best garage flooring for your garage and that the installation is as close to perfect as we can get for DIY. Now, we are not there putting the floor down for you, so we can’t ‘guarantee’ that. But we can tell you we will do everything we can to help you fix a problem that might come up.

Here are a few things you can do to make the process easier:

  1. Avoid the issue from the beginning. If you take your time and watch our videos and read the manufactures instructions, a lot of problems can be avoided.
  2. Take lots of pictures
  3. Send us an email. Include all the details. When you placed your order, when it showed up and when you installed it. How hot it was and what it is like outside now. The pictures from step two. GOOD contact information. Describe in detail the install process (what you really did, not what you wish you did) and if it is not apparent, describe the problem in detail.
  4. Be patient. Chances are we know what the issue is pretty quick. Just to make sure we have a procedure that is followed that includes local management and management at the manufacturer in question. In order to get the best solution its important that we follow these steps and these steps can take time.
  5. Be willing to try different fixes. Sometimes fixing an issue is a mater of trial and error
  6. Don’t be defensive.  Chances are if you are to busy being worried about defending what you did and why you did it we are not going to be able to figure out what’s wrong. The goal is to fix the problem, not assign blame.
  7. Give me a call. I have been doing this for over a decade. A lot of my competitors will call or email me (or us) when they have an issue because our expertise has been established over a very long period of time. I don’t hide in a corner office somewhere. I can be reached at 800-956-4301 x203 (as soon as the recording picks up press 203)


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