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Turn Your Patio Into A Cool Zone

Top Deck Pation TileMaybe your weather is not like our weather. We are going to break 100 degrees three times this week and will easily be over 95 degrees the rest of the week. Try walking on your patio in weather like that — never mind sitting down to a nice outdoor meal with a glass of wine or better yet a beer. You walk outside your feet are burned and you are sweating instantly. Here are two cool tips. One from garageflooringllc.com and one from DIY

TopDeck Patio tiles are the perfect solution to cover your old damaged concrete and in many cases even cool the surface temperature. They are very attractive and incredibly easy to install. Personally I find the product in beige very comfortable and attractive.

Top Deck is just our drainage garage floor tile repurposed for exterior use. The tiles have the UV resistance necessary and when properly installed give a very low maintenance solution at a fraction of the cost of other materials.

DIY recently posted an article on how to install misters on your patio. We are definitely going to give this a try. While our climate is hot, it is also very dry so misters are an excellent choice to cool off outside areas.


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