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Sports car on garage floor tiles

Can I Install Garage Floor Tiles in Just Part of My Garage?

A member of GarageJournal.com asked this question today, and I thought we had talked about it here. Apparently, we have not. Here is the basic scenario:

Let’s say you have a classic car or perhaps a new 2024 sports car, and you want to create a parking pad to show it off. You either don’t have the budget to do the whole floor, or perhaps most of your floor is epoxy, and you want a special place to park your hot rod.

We sell a lot of garage floor tile for this type of application. I would say the majority of them go in just fine, but there is a small percentage that have an issue. The issues are more likely on highly polished, troweled, or coated concrete.

Interlocking garage tiles get their stability from being linked over the entire floor. The more tiles you have locked together, the more total weight you have and the less likely the tiles are to move.

When you install tiles in just part of your garage, the system weight is much lower, and typically there is not a wall to help ‘stop the tiles’. When this happens, the tiles are much more likely to move and in some cases, even buckle. There are several fixes for this, and you should check with your tile manufacturer.

Rubber underlayment under the entire floor generally stops the movement. Rubber has some downsides, including odor and the potential for mold or mildew. Some of our customers have had good luck using shelf liner material under the leading edge.

The best option is to use area rug underlayment under the tile. if that does not work, make sure the tiles are fully expanded and pin the tiles in all four corners. If it were my floor I would start with just the front two edges.

The bottom line here is the garage floor tile can be used as garage flooring or as a parking mat. The way you choose to install the mat will impact additional steps you need to take to minimize movement. Garage floor mats are also commonly used under garage floor tile

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