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Week In Review July 18th

Garage Flooring LLC Week In Review 7/18/2014

Corvette MatMost of our blog entries are written to be informative, but this week we had a HUGE update on the installation of garage floor mats. In fact it is such a huge update that we have saturated the site with added links to the article. Why?

There is a ton of information out there about the process of installing G-Floor products. Most of it, even ours, could do a better job of making sure people know there are multiple options and what those options are. I might even go as far as to say the garage floor mat installation update is one of the most important posts of the year. It covers floating installation versus modified floating installation (using a seam tape) versus fully adhered AKA gluing the thing down.

While it is very important, it was not the only subject of conversation this week. Parking Aids were also discussed as a method of keeping from running into the back wall of your garage. We covered the two basic types we offer. One you drive over and feel ‘the bump’ and the other is very literally just a stop sign that you tap with your front bumper.

For those of you who are considering doing garage floor tiles in anything other than a wall to wall application, we had an important post about the risks that you run when you do so. In some cases an underlayment will need to be used or the tiles will need to be pinned at the corners. We also touched on some of the variables that can make ‘sliding’ more or less likely. You can find that article here.

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