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Expanding Our Warehouse & Offices

Expanding Our Warehouse & Offices

Garage Flooring LLC announced today that they are more than tripling their inventory capacity  and adding more office space by moving to a larger location.

Why should you care? First and foremost, it cements our position in the industry as one of if not the largest online distributor of garage flooring and storage. This means you get incredibly low prices, free shipping and outstanding service from a REAL garage flooring company. Garage Flooring is not something we sell, it is who we are. We don’t want to sell you a garage floor we want to make sure you get the right garage floor for you. — Justin Krauss Co-Founder & President.


The new facilities give us better options for serving our customers needs and a better space to put out installation and training videos. It also gives us incredible buying abilities. On one product such as we are saving nearly 1/3rd the cost and passing that along to you. On another product line we are saving by removing the brand name and offering the generic product and then saving 25% on top of that.  All of this allows us to ship faster and charge less for product.

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