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What should I do for trailer flooring?

We get dozens of calls each week asking if our products are good for trailer flooring. The answer in many cases is absolutely. In fact many of the G-Floor products are used as the OEM flooring by different trailer manufacturers. We do not however recommend the use of tiles in trailers.

If you have a single trailer for personal use, The G-Floor coin, small coin or diamond is fine. On a wood substrate you are going to want to use the marine adhesive. On aluminum you will need to do some testing.

If you do trailers for a living, or have more than one trailer, the master rolls of felt backed material are ideal — but you have to buy 100′ rolls. You get better adhesion and a little cushion. You can use the marine adhesive, but the felt makes it more forgiving and many acrylic based adhesives will work. You can find all our trailer flooring prices here

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