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Water Under The Garage Door

Water Under The Garage Door

Your wife’s Christmas decorations, family pictures and memories from when your kids growing up are a few of the priceless things many of us store in the garage. Then of course there are things that cost us substantial amounts of money. Specialized tools, electronics perhaps even a refrigerator. One decent rain is all it takes to destroy it all.

Water under garage door threshold
Without a garage door threshold water can pour through

The picture you see to the right was taken in Grand Junction, CO. Grand Junction is in the high desert part of Colorado and we rarely get good hard rains. Had this happened 4 days later thousands of dollars in inventory and equipment would have been damaged.

From garages to workshops and woodshops protecting your things from water damage is really important — not to mention relatively easy and simply in most cases. First check to make sure the seal on the bottom of the door is still good. Second, but a garage door threshold and install it.

So for $50 bucks in most cases, problems like the one in the picture above can be avoided. It won’t fix poorly sloped concrete and if you get a flood water is going to find a way in. But for day to day and those occasional extra hard rains, a garage door threshold really is a no brainier.

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