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Workshop Flooring

What to do with workshop flooring?

GFM- Washable, Easy to CleanMany of our customers are avid DIY consumers, professional carpenters, hobby woodworkers, home auto mechanics and more. Almost daily on the various forums are questions on the best type of floor for this application or that application. So what is the best thing to do with your workshop?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. A lot of it depends on how you use the area and what you are expecting from the flooring product you install. For example, regardless of if you go with an epoxy, PVC tile, polypropylene tile or a vinyl floor covering, if you drop hot weld slag on it, it will likely do some damage.

If you are w woodworker, epoxy can be nice, but it can also be hard on the feet. Many tiles leave to many places for sawdust to get stuck. Wood shops should stick with an epoxy and an anti fatigue product or go with a PVC tile that appears seamless once installed — Such as TrueLock PVC or G-Floor.

Mechanic shops create an interesting problem. In most cases a full broadcast epoxy system is best. The second option is a good PVC tile. If you go with the full broadcast epoxy give some thought to using a solid color to make it easier to find parts. Also, if the shop has been used for years it may be hard to get good adhesion. In these situations the PVC tiles offer some definite advantages, but they need to be protected from staining.

The best idea, is to simply pick up the phone and speak with one of our experts. We can be reached at 800-956-4301 and we are happy to help you decide the best product for your specific needs!



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