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USA V China

USA Vs. China: G-Floor Vs. Not G-Floor

G-FLoor Versus Nitro Rolls Flooring
G-Floor on the Left and Nitro Rolls  on the right. Both have been sitting flat for well over a month

If you want a cheap garage floor there are a lot of options out there for you. We just want to make sure you know that items that pretend to look like G-Floor do not perform or roll out like G-Floor.

On the left, originating from Emporia KS is the clear and reigning champion of the roll out garage flooring industry, G-Floor. On the right… Well its ‘Not G-Floor’ sold under the brand name ‘Nitro Roll’.

Taking a look from above, you can see that the curl come out of the G-Floor product because it is made in the USA and stored flat until its shipped. And on the right….. We’ll we are not going to say something bad about the competitor. We will let you make your own decision. We will tell you the fact that it comes shipped rolled in large containers from overseas.

Beauty is more than skin deep… Well it is with G-Floor

Garage Flooring Made in China
Garage Flooring Made in China

Unlike G-Floor the products made overseas and in China are not colored all the way through. This means once the color layer is damaged, its gone.

G-Floor products are made with the same quality garage flooring material all the way through.

Lets ‘Back Up’ For A Second

G-Floor on the Left and Nitro on the RIght

It is also important to have a look at the underside of the two products. When you look at the back side of the G-Floor product you find the same material as you find on the face of the product — less the pattern.

The made in China products have a less than flattering rubbery and powdery feel that whites out when you bend it over.

The bottom line is this. While the cheap stuff coming out of China may seem to compete on the same playing field as the G-Floor product, the truth is it lacks the quality materials and American workmanship that have been the backbone of the G-Floor product for over a decade.


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