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Using G-Floor On Decks

Roll Out G-Floor MatsOn an almost daily basis we have customers call and ask about use the Better Life Technology G-Floor products for a protective or waterproofing membrane over wood decks. In other cases people are simply thinking of using it for decorative purposes.

Let’s deal with the second question first, because it is easier. If you are simply looking for a low maintenance way to spruce up your wood deck we would suggest the TopDeck Product, also sold under the MotorMat Tylon Name.

The more complicated situation arrises in situations where the consumer is basically looking to use it as a decking or even a roofing membrane. Many times an EPDM system combined with pavers is a better bet. If you want to use the G-Floor it is important you understand you are using it for a purpose it was not meant. It will fade, it will be slick when wet and if it is not glued down it will wrinkle from expansion and contraction.

We would suggest using the G-Floor brand adhesive and seam tape to minimize the problems. Again it is important to remember this is not what the product was designed to do — but people do it every day.




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