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DIY Pretty storage in minutes

DIY Pretty storage in minutes

While cleaning out the garage (not my favorite task) I am always looking for a better way to store the myriad of items that come with 4 kids, 2 dogs and well life..then it hit me old coffee cans covered in pretty contact paper. They have lids, work great to hide things,  stack nicely and you can use a dry erase marker to label them. This of course started a trend of turning old lidded cans into storage containers not only for the garage but pantry, the garden shed and even my daughter’s room although she prefers to decorate her cans with bright duct tape. Since these cute storage containers can be made to suit your needs you can match them to any decor.  We have discovered different cans work better for some items such as juice mix for  pens and pencils and the small nut cans work great for loose batteries! This pretty storage idea doesn’t just work on cans either, Jars with a pretty band of contact paper or colorful duct tape work great to store things like screws, seeds and other small items. Having these smaller items organized in pretty storage containers makes it easier to keep the things we use most often at hand and still keep the clutter at bay. We can put them up on the shelf and know right where they are.

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