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Ulti-Mate and StarFire Garage Storage Cabinets Video Review

Ulti-Mate and StarFire Garage Storage Cabinets Video Review

Ulti-Mate and Star Fire Garage Storage Cabinets Video Review

ultimate garage storage cabinetsPerhaps one of the most difficult lines of products to offer in garage storage cabinets. So many industry terms and there have been a lot of poor products on the market as well. I’ve sold Ulti-Mate garage storage cabinets for years, spanning two companies and it has been my absolute pleasure to do so. This video shows the Starfire white, but the same information applies to the gray. Review Sizes and Pricing

I remember the day Tom called me and asked me to carry the line. I was very hesitant to carry a knockdown cabinets and had flashbacks to the cheap particle board desks and entertainment centers I had purchased when I was just getting started. Tom sent me a cabinet and from that day on I have been impressed — and the line just keeps getting better!

Assembly time is a big thing. We carry a line of steel cabinets that take considerable time to install and align. On the contrary these cabinets are very easy to assemble. Sure a kit may take you a little time to do, but nothing like you might expect.Ulti MATE Garage Grey Handle, Footand Hinge DETAIL Image






The quality of the hardware that is used and the thickness (not to mention toughness) of the shelf is also impressive. They simply do not cut corners on their raised legs, hinges, pulls and basic assembly hardware.

The bottom line is this. For my money, and my garage there is simply not a better value in the industry. While I am always hesitant to carry an import, I have not had any quality issues with this product line and I have had real difficulty locating a good, readily available and affordable  American Made product.


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