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5 Cool Tools to Use Before Purchasing Garage Flooring

5 Cool Tools to Use Before Purchasing Garage Flooring

STOP! Don’t Buy Anything Yet!

G-Floor Small CoinI admit it. That is not much of a sales pitch. Before you buy a garage floor know what you are getting and get it right! Here are five our favorite resources for planing and purchasing your garage flooring.

  1. Design Your Floor: Our Free garage flooring designer will walk you through planning out exactly what you need to cover that ugly concrete slab –with little to no waste and no surprises. Design It Here
  2. FREE DOWNLOAD! Not the design type? Maybe you are like me and you just want to see the numbers?? Download our free Excel spreadsheet that will work for our tiles and almost anyone other brand! Download Here
  3. Learn how to install roll out garage flooring before you order it. This will help you order the right accessories and do a better job of installing them. Check out the YouTube video here
  4. Garage Floor Tile Buying Guide: From calculating to understanding the various types and qualities of tiles, this guide is a synopsis of what you need to know before you make a purchase.
  5. Free Samples: See it before you buy it. It’s that simple. Free samples of roll out garage flooring and tile products here



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