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Can I use G-Floor in the Basement

A recent Garage Journal member asked if it was OK to use the G-Floor product in a basement application.

Roll Out G-Floor MatsG-Floor is a roll out flooring product manufactured by Better Life Technology out of Lenexa KS. It is also manufactured it 12″x12″ and 24″x24″ self stick squares. The roll-out product can be installed as a ‘floating floor’ or it can be fully adhered. The option that is best for you is very dependent on your circumstances, so we suggest giving us a call. The self adhesive tiles need a clean, void free and primed surface to stick to.

G-Floor is perfectly suited for basement applications. There are several factors that will need to be considered. This post is not meant to replace the manufacturers instructions. We highly suggest giving us a call before placing your order.

Things to consider:

  1. Is the slab dry. G-Floor is a PVC membrane that is impermeable to moisture. If you have an existing moisture condition and install a watertight membrane without addressing that issue, you are going to do more harm than good.
  2. Is the environment temperature controlled? Areas with smaller temperature swings are better suited for floating floors where areas that have large swings in temperature may require full adhesion.
  3. Use of self adhesive products or the roll out product and adhesives requires floor prep. Failure to prep your floor and follow installation instructions will cause big issues. That said, generally the procedure is much simpler than epoxy prep.
  4. We include this as part of step 3 but just to be certain, the self adhesive products need the floor to be primed first. We suggest Behr 880 primer.
  5. Consider using a pattern that is adequate for mufti purpose applications. We highly suggest the small coin pattern for basements.

The bottom line is this. Covering a basement floor is simple and easy to do, but like any DIY project we need to make sure there are no outside factors that will cause issues down the road.


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