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DIY Projects: What’s on My List

Its amazing the different projects everyone has going on. I thought I would share a list of the DIY projects we have coming up at our house. Perhaps you can give us some advice! Always fun to share ongoing DIY projects. Here is a list of our projects. Now, we want to know what you are up too this year!

  1. Window Seat: We are going to be installing a window seat in the breakfast nook. It has lots of fun angles so it will be a little bit of a challenge. We have decided to start with some unfinished cabinets. Add some legs and quality paint.
  2. Automatic Sprinkler Valves: This spring I replaced the pump going to our sprinkler system. For reasons unknown to me they have broken our front and back yard into 8 zones! Each zone is controlled by a manual valve. This fall we are going to cut out the old valves and replace them with automatic ones. I understand it is a large undertaking and I am very sure it will be a learning experience.
  3. Refinishing The Bathroom Cabinets: They are those ugly orange oak cabinets that you get when the builder picked the cabinets 10 years ago. My wife redid the ones in the kitchen and they came out beautiful. She plans on doing the same with the cabinets in the bathroom.
  4. Refinish the Counters: We are not big on replacing items that are functional. We would prefer to repurpose or refinish them. We are exploring ways to take the existing counters, add an epoxy and broadcast media and finish with a clear coat.
  5. The Garage of Course: We have a couple of overhead storage racks that need to be installed. We are also removing the old bike storage racks in favor of the SteadyRack product which is far superior to any we have seen.

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