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I unrolled My Garage Floor Mat and It Won’t Lay Flat

Rippled garage floor mat that will not lay flatPerhaps one of the most frequent calls we get from customers is that they just unrolled their garage floor mat and it is not laying flat. Perhaps it looks a little like the image to the right. Sometimes it can look worse and often it can look better. The bottom line is you have unrolled your mat and it is not flattening out.

Assuming you purchased G-Floor from Better Life Technology Stop. Don’t panic. This is so common that the manufacturer has put it in their Stop and Read instructions –which, if you’re like many of us you politely put to the side and thought, I don’t need this 🙂

First things first. Roll the mat back up and Read the Stop and Read. Even if you think your floor is clean, sweep it one more time. Then run your hands over it to make sure there are no bumps, lumps or other flaws to telegraph through.

Now roll your mat back out. Make sure it has a good 1/4″ to 1/2″ on all sides. Take a push broom and sweep it. Push hard and push out as much of the air as you can. Now the hard part. Walk away and leave it. The mat is the picture above relaxed in about two days. You should be able to see a drastic difference in about 24 hours and the mat will typically lat flat (at 72 degrees F) in about 3 FULL days. In the winter, it may be more like 7 days or longer.

Important Note: If you purchased a garage floor mat from China, a club store or a home center, they may have been rolled for a very long period of time and will take considerable time to flatten out. G-Floor almost always does.



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