Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 110 Mil Coin 5 Colors

Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 110 Mil Coin 5 Colors

Clearance: G-Floor 9×20 110 Mil Coin in 5 Colors

coin garage floorsWhen Better Life Technology Offered us the chance to buy some clearance 9×20 110 Mil coin garage floor mats, we jumped on the opportunity! Now we are passing the savings on to you! The offer is good while supplies last, and unfortunately they do not have any gray. They do have lots of black.

First quality, just a different size than we normally sell. These 9x20 110 Mil coin garage mats are a steal. They may not match other sizes, so we do not suggest mixing. All sales final. Clearance, no returns. 30 Day Money Back guarantee does not apply



9′ × 20′ 110 Mil Coin Discontinued – G-Floor Garage Floor Cover/Protector

SKU: GF75CN920

Price Each:

$ 330.00

Price Multiple:

$ 313.50

2 or more for quantity discount

One important note. Please do not mix this product with other coin product. They were manufactured at different times and the colors may not match. ‘Why are these mats on clearance?’ you ask…. The size simply is not a regular size. These are first quality mats with a full manufacturers warranty. View all coin garage floor mats

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  1. Justin Krauss December 18, 2014 at 6:48 am

    Good Morning. I would probably go with gray as opposed to black. I would also consider this PVC tile as it has great anti fatigue properties. A good idea would be to mop whatever floor you get with Hilway Direct Plus at the end of each day. I would mop on three coats to start and then use a diluted version for cleaning (1oz/gallon).

  2. Lori mail November 9, 2014 at 7:36 pm


    I have a garage with two bays approx. 10’x21′, a third bay 9’x16′. The mats would not need to be full length coverage. What would my best solution for this layout?
    Would the close out coin goods work for me?

    Price for this project in small coin?

    Perhaps we should have a conversation. I have found G-Floor goods from other sources at better prices than you quote. 110%price match guarantee?

    All best,
    Lori Mail

    1. Justin Krauss November 10, 2014 at 9:40 am

      Hi Lori,

      First and foremost, yes, please feel free to give me a call direct at 8009564301. When the recording comes on just press 203 and it will transfer you to my office or my cell if I am not in.

      I will need a little more information about how you use your garage and where you are located to best answer this question. Based on the information I do have, and based on not covering the entire area, you could get away with three 9×20 in the clearance coin or three 8.5×24 in the small coin. If it was my garage, I would probably order the three 10×24 small coin and cover the entire floor. Based on current promotion codes and pricing (as of 11/10/14) you would be looking at a delivered price of $1282.47 anywhere in the contiguous US.

      Lastly, I would be very surprised to see a lower price on either of these two items anywhere. Our reputation is based on honoring our word and our word is our 110% price match guarantee. If you find the same product, delivered for less, we will honor that guarantee for sure.

      Below is a screen shot of the cart and the promo code used.

      3 10x24 small coin g-floor mats and promo code Cart5

      Thanks Again,

      Justin Krauss
      Garage Flooring LLC

  3. I eckelbarger September 30, 2014 at 5:36 am

    I need a quote for 30×40 garage with the sale

    1. Justin Krauss September 30, 2014 at 7:10 am

      Thank you for the question. The 9×20 are not the best fit for this application. You could do it going 4 across and 2 deep for $2500.00

      A much better solution would be to go with three custom mats 10×40. I would apply a special promo code for you and bring the price down to $3067 delivered (within the lower 48 states)

      Also I need to confirm that the garage door is on the 30′ wall. If it is on a different wall it would change the layout completely.

      Justin S Krauss
      Garage Flooring LLC

      632 W Gunnison Avenue #C
      Grand Junction CO 81501
      Toll Free. 800.956.4301
      Direct . 800.956.4301 Ext 203
      Fax. 888.473.5639

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