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FAQ: G-Floor Garage Floor Mats

FAQ: G-Floor Garage Floor Mats

FAQ: G-Floor Garage Floor Mats

Silver under tireWe have made no secret of the fact that we are big fans of the G-Floor garage floor mats. I have personally been selling the product for over a decade and I have used it in my own garages time and time again. There are lots of questions that people have, so I thought I would answer a few of them here:

Will it cause a mold or mildew issue?

I have never had it happen and I have never had a customer tell me they had it happen. In a ‘perfect storm’ or I suppose an imperfect storm it is certainly possible. If you don’t have a moisture issue, the mats are not going to create one. If you do, put down a water blocking primer or sealer first. If you get an unexpected flood roll the mats up and let the floor dry.

Are they difficult to cut?

Definitely not… Well if you can cut a straight line 🙂 Some people are better at holding a straight line than others. In our installation video you will notice my wife did most of the cutting… That is because she could cut a straighter line with her eyes closes after being spun around 100 times than I could with a straight edge.

In all seriousness. Straight edge and a good, sharp, hooked utility knife is all it takes. It’s not difficult, but it does take time

Do they lay flat

When the garage floor mats get to you they will have been on a roll for a couple of days. You will roll them out there will be lumps, bumps and other issues. The end might even try to roll itself back up. Don’t worry, just let the mat relax and it will flatten out. You can find some tips here. Also sometimes the front of the mat will lift at the entry to the garage because of temperature variations. There are several really easy quick fixes.

What do I do if I have a drain

There are three solutions. If you are not using the drain, you could cover it up, but we do not suggest that. You may get an odor in your garage. You need to add water to the drain on a regular basis.

You can cut a hole out for the drain. That’s pretty self-explanatory…. Personally, I like the idea one of our customers used. Mark the location of the drain and drill a bunch of 1/4″ to 1/2″ holes through the mat.

What pattern and grade do you recommend

There are a lot of variables here. My first suggestion would be to give us a call so we can discuss how you use your garage and where you are located. My personal favorite is G-Floor Small Coin product. If I was consistently bringing water or snow into my garage I would consider the ribbed pattern. I would not get to hung up on the grade or thickness unless it is for a trailer or commercial / industrial application — or if you are a professional installer.

How do you put two or more mats together

There are a lot of options here. You can simply butt them together. You could use a seam tape, a center strip or even a double-sided acrylic tape. I would suggest doing nothing to start. Just butt them together, If you find you need to seam them together, watch our video

Is the product easy to install

Absolutely. Have a look at my wife and I installing our garage floor. Not to shabby for a e-commerce guy and school teacher. Here is a link to that video

Will the product stain

YES! Any product can stain. There are a few things you can do to shift the odds to your favor. First if it gets dirty or if something spills on it, clean it up! Second use the G-Floor Stain Blocker or Hilway Direct Plus products.

Is the product slick when wet

It certainly can be. You should always be safe on a wet surface.  That said some patterns are better than others. The small coin is the best I have seen and I have never had any issues with traction in my garage.

What is the felt backed product

It’s the original G-Floor product with felt backing to make it easier to adhere. It is highly recommended for trailers, but often size limitations mean it’s not practical.

Does the floor need to be glued down

Generally no. Some applications may need it and if you want a floor that does not expand and contract at all or move at all than you will need to glue it.


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