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Going out Mudding

mudEveryone likes a day to relax and have fun in the mud. Here in Colorado is good weather for it, rain, rain and more rain. Along with a day or two  with no rain. I say it’s a good time to take those 4x4s out. The mud isn’t soupy but yet sticky.

Listed below is a picture of a jeep that my family and I took out the other day. We found the perfect mud hole to roll through. Well that is what everyone said at least. Nope; we got stuck, and no one around to help. So here is some tips that we used to get unstuck.  1) The most common known way is to find a rock and lay it in front of the tire that will not get traction. We did try this and did help. 2) Another way that is known is by going back and forth. Reverse in tell you stop then high power to get out. Kind of like rocking motion. well guess what that didn’t help either. Which bring me to 3) If there are bushes around pull and lay those in the tire tracks to allow traction. One thing with this is that you might need a lot. It did the trick and got us out of that mud hole that was deeper and soupier than we thought.

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