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Real People Real Jobs Real Answers

Customer services means no outsourcing. Regardless of if you call, email or chat you get a real employee in our Grand Junction, CO location. It’s that simple. Why?

As a business owner and a consumer, nothing frustrates me more that calling a company for answers and having my call outsourced to a call center who has never seen the product they sell or never provided the service they offer.

If I call my bank, I want to talk to someone at my bank. If I call about my laptop, I want to talk to someone who can put their hands on my make and model and walk me through the issue. If you call about garage flooring, you deserve to talk to people who deal with garage flooring day in and day out.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not out there installing it every day and not all of the product sits in our warehouse, buy when you are in our office you are immersed in garage flooring and garage storage. From samples, to hands on education and a plethora of knowledge, our people are garage flooring experts — and in some cases garage flooring experts in training 🙂

If there is a question they can’t answer, they have direct access to each and every manufacturer we work with and of course I am a few steps away to assist on any call.


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