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FAQ: Garage Floor Tiles

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So you are thinking about installing some garage floor tiles, but first you have some questions. We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answered them here. Updated Top 10 Questions article available. View our garage floor tiles.

What is the difference between PVC (flexible) and Polypropylene garage floor tiles?

We answered this question in video form last week and it was accompanied by a blog post. We invite you to watch the video and read the post here

What tools will I Need?

In general you are going to need a tape measure and a table saw. A circular saw will work too. We find a jig saw very useful from smaller cuts.

How long do they take to install?

Installation time varies greatly depending on complexity and other factors. In general most people can do a two car garage in about 4 hours. I have seen it done in as little as two hours and I have seen it take longer than a day.

Does stuff go between the tiles?

YES. With a handful of exceptions liquids and debris go through the tile. Our tiles are designed to allow the moisture to exit the system. Many manufacturers still recommend cleaning under the tiles annually.

Do they need to be glued down?

Generally these products are not glued down. There are a few exceptions on a product by product and application by application basis.

Why are your tiles more expensive than some other products?

We are in the garage flooring business. We have no interest in taking your money for a product you will not be satisfied with. We focus on high quality, American made garage floor tiles. We have a couple of PVC lines that are made overseas but we are very confident in their quality. We won’t sell cheap garage floor tiles because they won’t hold up?

Can I use these in a garage where I weld?

People use tiles in all sorts of applications, including welding. Welding slag will melt tiles and a welding blanket is suggested.

Can I use garage floor tiles in a trailer?

NO! The expansion and contraction will cause the product to buckle and the product will shift too much.

How many edges and corners will I need and do I want male or female?

We need to do another video on this one and add it to our series. Generally speaking you want to order female edge pieces just at the garage door. If you are not doing a wall to wall installation you will need more edges and corners.

Can I replace a single tile?

Absolutely. It is not easy to do the first time, but once you understand how to disengage the locks it is a very quick process.

How man tiles do I need?

We have three ways for you to calculate this. Click here for an explanation of the three different tools we have available to you.

Do I need a contractor?

In a word: NO

Will the tiles slide around

Generally in wall to wall applications the tiles do not slide. There are always exceptions. Parking pads and partial installs may move. There are easy ways to resolve this.

Are they loud?

Hard plastic or polypropylene tiles can cause an echo. If you have dirt under the floor you can hear a noise when you pull onto the floor. Most of these issues are easily resolved with underlayment. PVC tiles are quiet.

Which side is male and which side is female?

The side with the loops are female. Many people think this is backwards until they see how the tile go together. The pegs are inserted into the loops.

Can I get a sample?

yes, we are happy to send out samples. In most cases we send two FULL SIZED samples.


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