Old vs. New Muscle cars

Old vs. New Muscle cars

CarsIt is easy to look back and see how much this world has grown, and developed. Look at the capabilities we have to make new products compared to 1960’s. A lot sure has changed? My question is has thing changed for the better, or has the designs and quality gotten worse? My opinion is that it depends on what we are talking about. Cars, I would say yes and no. I believe the sport and economy designs have gotten better, but at the same time the quality not so much. Muscle cars I would have to say no to everything, I am an all American muscle made girl. The quality and design of the older muscle cars are better. I like the looks, the performance and everything that makes it a muscle car. Today’s muscles cars I probably wouldn’t go calling them an all American made car. The looks and sounds and half the performance is just like another sports car to me. Shown below is a comparison of the old and new muscle cars.


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