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How Thick Is Your Garage Floor Mat Really

How thick is a garage floor mat (really)

How thick is Your Garage Floor Mat Really?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: This article is from 2014. In 2017 BLT G-Floor started using the full mat thickness to measure their products. The numbers in this article are based on the base thickness only.
G-Floor Small CoinWe published an article about FAQ‘s for garage floor mats, but the issue of thickness requires a blog post of its own. Unlike many industries there is no industry standard for measuring this type of thing. It is also important to understand that on products we do not sell, our numbers are an estimate.

Starting with G-Floor Because they are the Clear Industry Leader

G-Floor offers grades from 55 Mils to 85 Mils. Their commercial product is 75 Mils while their residential products range from 55 to 60 Mils. G-Floor measures their thickness at the base of the product. They do not include the height of the pattern.

Mils mm Inches
55 1.397 ~1/16th
60 1.524 ~1/16th
75 1.905 ~5/64th
85 2.159 ~5/64th

Diamond Deck Thickness

Diamond Deck is about 1/200th of an inch thicker than the G-Floor product in the commercial grade and about 1/200th thinner than the G-Floor in the industrial grade. They measure about 2.0 millimeters at the base.

Nitro Roll Thickness

Nitro Rolls claim to be about 2.5 millimeters  thick. Our measurements shows that this number is actually based on the top of the pattern — as opposed to the base. We measure the base at about 1.5MM or just slightly thinner than the G-Floor small coin product.

Size Does and Doesn’t Matter

When comparing apples to apples, thickness is somewhat important. A 75 Mil G-Floor garage floor mat will weigh more and lay flatter and be less likely to move than a 55 Mil. For most residential garages we believe you reach a point of diminishing return. A 60 Mil small coin garage floor mat performs just fine in my garage.

When you are comparing apples and oranges, you have to consider other factors. G-Floor is substantially harder than the Nitro product for example. The G-Floor appears to be much higher quality and we know it lays flat. While a thicker Nitro product would be preferable when compared to the thin product they are offering, I would still take the G-Floor Product.
How Thick Is Your Garage Floor Mat Really

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