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Should I use a garage door threshold

If I am Purchasing Garage Flooring, is it a Good Idea to Purchase a Garage Door Threshold?

Garage Door ThresholdUnfortunately there is no simple answer to the question. Lets have a look at a couple of key factors that will help determine if a threshold is necessary.

Do You Need One?

Do you have a visible gap between the concrete and the bottom of the garage door, or do you have a problem with moisture, bugs or rodent getting into the garage via the garage door. If the answer is no, stop reading and don’t worry about buying a threshold.

There is a Problem, Now What?

If you are still reading, my assumption is that there is a problem with your garage door –either you can see through the space or water, bugs etc can make it through. If that’s the case, a garage door threshold may help fix the problem, but there is something you need to consider.

A garage door threshold is just as good at keeping water and dirt inside your garage as it is keeping it out. If you have a problem, but you need to be able to sweep out your garage or get moisture out via the garage door, a garage door threshold may not be the answer for you.

If you have a garage drain or if you simply do not sweep things out of your garage than a threshold is a good choice. Otherwise you may want to just consider replacing the seal.

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