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American Made Is Making a Comeback

American Made Is Making a Comeback


The Made in America Movement is going strong and we are putting our workforce back in action according to a recent post by the Made in America Movement. From time to time in our industry things do have to be imported. BUT we are seeing on products like G-Floor that not only can we make a better product, we can be competitive.

For example a roll of Nitro Flooring, even though the advertising may be misleading will cost you about 1.95 a square foot for a 7.5×17. The G-Floor small coin product runs less than $1.75 / Sq. Ft.

A lower price is not all that G-Floor small coin offers. It is a better surface for creepers, toolboxes and jacks to roll around on. G-Floor small coin is colored all the way through and stored flat until you place your order. Its made in Emporia KS with the highest quality raw materials — and of course American Workmanship!

Supporting the comeback of the American Worker is not always a choice between affordable and expensive. In many cases you can have your American Made cake and eat it too 🙂 — or should we say Apple Pie


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