Ford vs Toyota parking Assist

Ford vs Toyota parking Assist

Ford has finally come out with their own park assist car.  With just a push of the button the car can identify a space to Parallel Park in. Once a light identifies the right space it well notify you to put the car into reverse let go of the steering wheel and let off the break. The car will beep and to announce for you to stop. Then transfer into drive. You have full control of the brakes. The car just drives and steers for you.

Toyota has come out with their park assist car a year or two ago.  The plus side is that you can use it to park in any kind of spot not just Parallel Park.  Toyota is with a push of a button as well, but first you would have to line your car up to the appropriate space to park.  Identify which spot you would be parking in and then adjust the blue box that it gives you to where you the car sit between the other cars.  Now then you can put your car into reverse and start moving, but watch your rear and front for you have to guess on where to stop.

I don’t know about you but I would never trust the assist. That is just me though. I think it is lazy and it takes the fun and experience out of it. There is a lot more to the Toyotas assist then there is with the fords. I guess it depends on how much control you want of the car.


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