Buying a used car

Buying a used car


Buying a used Car

When buying a brand new car it is expensive and there is  a lot to do. You have all the credit reports to go through. Buying a used car is cheaper and less of a hassle. The new car comes with warranties used cars does not. It might seem like a great car with no problems and low mileage. When I bought my used car it sounded good drove good, and the mileage was really low. It hasn’t been three months before everything started going wrong. I had a knock in the engine, a rattle from under the car. I think I have put more money into the car than I have paying it off.

One big reason in buying a used car is that you don’t know how well the previous owner has token care of it. If you know someone who is really good with cars make sure to bring them along for a test drive. Also don’t just go around a block and call it good. Go as far as they will let you, and really get into the pedal. Listen to and feel the movements of the car. See if anything seems  off.

Once you buy the car take it down to a mechanic shop and do an oil change, have them check the oil for any wear of the engine. That would be a big thing. If there is a little metal shaving than that’s not to bad. If there is a lot of shaving than that is where you want to make your next step into finding out where it is coming from.

My first used car that I have bought lasted less than a day, it wasn’t good. There was a knock in the engine and the person that went with me told me that it was a good car and that he would be able to fix that for me. He did try but nothing worked and we could not get the part that we needed or a replacement engine. On that note if you are looking into a car with a problem make sure you know what it is and that you can get it fix!

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