Why are there slits in the Auto Floor Guard?

Why are there slits in the Auto Floor Guard?

Why do AutoFloorGuards have slits

Why are there slits in the Auto Floor Guard? Which Side of the AutoFloorGuard goes Up or Down

It was about 5 minutes before closing and the phone rang one last time. It was a customer who was upset about a ‘manufacturing defect’ in the AutoFloorGuard she had ordered. Understandably she was very certain that the mat should be completely sealed and felt the machine had made a mistake and failed to seal them properly.

This morning when my staff member was describing the call, I realized we had not done a very good job of explaining this ahead of time that the mats have slits — and why! It also leads into the second question “Which side of the Auto Floor Guard goes up (or down)”

The second question is the simple one. The side with the slits goes down. It really is that simple.

So What About Those Slits?

When you receive the AutoFloorGuard it comes completely assembled and ready to go. If there were a manufacturing defect with the edging (which I have yet to see) during the warranty period, the manufacturer would replace the mat. BUT what happens if two or three years down the road you manage to damage the edge piece. Perhaps you left something in it for an extended period and it is just not rebounding like you want it too. Should you have to buy a brand new mat to fix it?

If you ever have an out of warranty issue with your mat you can pull the edges out from the slits and replace them with garden hose. The slits allow the factory installed edges to be removed and replacements to be inserted.

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Here is a link to the manufacturer’s brochure




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