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Are DIY tips online always great?

DIYRemember the days before eTrading when your brother in law would call you with a tip and you felt compelled to make a purchase on his advise — with really no idea how good it was? Are DIY tips trustworthy and safe?

A website called ‘The Daily Commercial’  and in a recent article they point out that people are turning to the internet for DIY tips. In many cases these tips come from Facebook friends, but YouTube and others are great sources as well.

Over the past few weeks we have shared many DIY videos, but the article raises the question: Is the advice really any good?? We have a couple of suggestions for you:

  • Always review the manufacturers instructions and where possible find a video directly from the manufacturer.
  • Sometimes manufacturers videos are too polished and leave off some of the smaller points. A quality distributor that has been in the business can often be a quality source of information.
  • If you have never heard of the guy and his video has 6 views, you might not want to trust it!
  • Know your limits and consult a professional where appropriate
  • Start small. Perhaps you should find a video on fixing the kitchen sink before plumbing your entire addition 🙂
  • If it is a major project check with your local building department.
  • The best ‘Social Media’ for learning DIY is buying a buddy a beer who has done it before and have him or her give you a hand!






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