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100 Years of Dodge

Here is a little history of the founders of Dodge. John and Horace Dodge that meet eye to eye in life. In 1886 they have made their first bicycle. They even opened up a bicycle shop in 1897, Evans and Dodge Bicycle Company. Shortly after that they went to work for Henry Ford making parts. Once saved up some money they decided to open up their own auto shop in July 1914. The “Old Betsy” rolled of the assembly line on November 14, 1914 making that the first Dodge. The bothers died in 1920, leaving the wives running the place, they sold it 5 years later.

AACA Museum is holding an exhibit to celebrate the 100 years of Dodge. This would be a once in a life time chance go visit all the vehicles that you do not see anymore. They are planning on have the 1915 touring there. I would love to see that.


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