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What does the American Garage Floor Acquisition Mean for You

American Garage Floor

Let me start by saying that this has not happened overnight. This took considerable planning and effort and included having our team manage sales from the website prior to the public announcement and pending integration. If you have contacted the AGF number recently, you will still be talking with the same great team.

American Garage Floor was a fierce competitor for nearly a decade. They established a niche in the marketplace, selling quality American Made products at affordable prices. We acquired the website and other intellectual property.

The short answer is you still have access to the same great products at incredibly competitive prices. While we will not be discontinuing products that are not American-made, we will continue to focus on and promote products that are.

In the coming weeks, we intend to integrate the AGF logo into our site to highlight and promote American Made products. With one exception the complete line of AGF products have been integrated into our site.

We believe the biggest thing this gives the consumer is a reasonable alternative to ‘big box stores’ and home centers who do not offer the expertise customers of Garage Flooring LLC and AmericanGarageFloor.com have been accustomed to. We believe our combined sales of products such as the G-Floor garage floor mats are greater than any online competitor.

The goal is simple. A company specialized in the product we sell but large enough to have massive buying power and the ability to compete with the big guys — but offering expert customer service and advice.

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