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Nitro Rolls Will Not Lay Flat 1 Week Later

Nitro Rolls Will Not Lay Flat 1 Week Later

Nitro Rolls — Made In China Garage Mat Will Not Lay Flat After A Week
Nitro Rolls Made In China Will Not Lay Flat

To be fair, we do not sell the Nitro Roll product and they are a competitor of ours. We do not normally pick on a specific product or brand, but since this appears to be a Made in China Knockoff of G-Floor, we decided to put it to the test — We have filmed a video as well which we will be releasing shortly.

The curl at the ends of the mats are very obvious. They simply do not lay flat. What is a little less obvious and harder to photograph is the symmetrical limps in the mat. They appear to be caused by the length of the they have been rolled and do not show any signs of fading.

We had seen pictures of this before and we worked under the assumption that the product was shipped without a core, but the roll we ordered did come on a core. The only guess we can make is the length of time the product needed to be rolled and warehoused — whereas the Better Life Technology product is stored flat.– the product has simply developed a memory.



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