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Can I Put a Garage Floor Mat Over My Epoxy Floor?

Can I Put a Garage Floor Mat Over My Epoxy Floor?

Roll Out G-Floor MatsThe situation: You just spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars installing a garage floor epoxy or paint system. The first time you pulled into your garage you noticed that your ‘hot tires’ are pulling up your epoxy and you want to protect it.

We have helped many customers in this exact situation. We have also helped customers who simply wanted to avoid the risk altogether and installed a mat before a problem ever occurred.

Products like G-Floor from Better Life Technology, as well as containment mats like the TruContain ® and Park Smart Clean Park (50 Mil or Better) and the Oil Absorbent Garage mat provides a great option for protecting the epoxy floor. Generally, the mats protect the epoxy from road contaminants and tire wear/lifting. Click here for more information on mats.

There are some things to keep in mind. If your floor is lifting or peeling already, The mats do a great job of hiding that but they are not going to fix the issue. In fact, in some circumstances, the epoxy may even come off onto the mat.

Generally though, if the epoxy is well adhered and fully cured and is not sticky at all, a mat can be safely applied over. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to check from time to time and make sure the mats are not beginning to stick to the floor below.

The Disclaimer: There is no way we or the manufacturer can test this product with every brand of epoxy and paint on the market. We cannot guarantee compatibility or worry-free use, we can only speak in generalities. We can tell you that there are times where mats and epoxy will stick to each other.


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