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When buying a house with a garage

Sami’s Advice: Park Your Car In The Garage Before You Buy The House

CarsHere is a helpful tip. When you are purchasing a house with a garage and have the garage planned out, make sure it is big enough first. My husband and I just bought a house with a garage. We where wanting the garage to park his car and mine in. We also wanted enough room to be able to work on the cars. Well at least his, my car goes to a mechanic due to the fact that it is a rotary engine. My husband’s car barely fits in the garage straight, with no room to walk between the front bumper and the wall.

Now that we have the garage he has decided to start working on the engine, but in order to work with space on all sides of the car he has to park it at an angle. Thanks for kicking my car out to the drive way!  It doesn’t bother me, I just laugh to the fact that there isn’t enough space like I told him there wouldn’t be. I just wanted the house! It is nice to have a place to work on vehicles again — that is not outside.

If I could offer one simple piece of advice. Before purchasing a home, if parking your car in the garage is important, take the time to do so!

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