Five habits that will ruin your car

Five habits that will ruin your car

Cars1) Delaying regular maintenance. Keeping up on all the fluid changes and filters can help your vehicles last longer. This would also go towards the brake pads. It is easy and doesn’t take a lot to do so. A blown out engine is not something you want to have to replace.

2) Ignoring dash warning lights. The warning lights are there for a reason. Do not let them go thinking it’s nothing serious. The issue can start out to be something small but the longer you do not address it the bigger the problem can get. For instant: if it is referring to a small leak, well that leak can turn into serious problem with the engine.

3) Shifting while moving. A lot of people like to come to a crawl to transfer from reverse to drive or vice versa. By doing this you are putting a lot of strain on the shift forks in the transmission, wearing them down. This will cause you to replace the transmission well before it is need. Make sure to come to a complete stop before you go into drive after backing up.

4) Jerky driving. Accelerating as quickly as possible and hard braking all the time can be an issue in the long run. This will cause your engine, transmission, and braking system to deteriorate over time. Also turning corners faster than needed can cause problems to your tires and drive shaft.

5) Putting off tire replacement. There is a lot that can happen when you don’t maintain your tires. Tire blow outs are very dangerous; they can cause you to lose control of the vehicle and a possible accident. Balding of tires is an easier pop. Yes they cost a lot but it will be cheaper than buying new rims along with tires or even a bodily damage fix.

Taking care of your vehicles will allow them to last forever. I know that a mechanic shop can cost a lot of money. If you follow these and take care of the little things it will save you from paying for something that you could have prevented from happening. Plus most of the replacements that I have mentioned are easy to do by yourself, if you know someone that already knows how to do these just ask them to teach you.

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