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Why does it take 6 Weeks to Get a Custom Cut Length of G-Floor?

Why does it take 6 Weeks to Get a Custom Cut Length of G-Floor?

Why does it take 6 Weeks to Get a Custom Cut Length of G-Floor?

You have been researching garage flooring for weeks and you are finally ready to pull the trigger. You decide on G-Floor and unfortunately  you have one of those garages that needs custom lengths. Why in the world should you have to wait 6 weeks when you want to do this now?!?

Roll Out Garage Floor Mat

Lets start at the beginning. Just in the core line we have five patterns in as many as 6 colors encompassing as many as 5 widths. Those are stocked, laid out flat, in multiple lengths. That is a lot of combinations.

People seem to think that we have huge rolls on racks, and when an order is placed we send someone out to the warehouse with a utility knife to cut your piece. Most of the time that is just not the case.

When you place a custom order the order is sent to the plant. The plant looks at the next time they are running the pattern you need, in the color you need and the width you need. There is a pre-set schedule and your order is added to that schedule. If it happens that they are running that patterns and color the following Monday, you got lucky. If they just ran it yesterday, not so much 🙂 There are multiple machines running different rolls at different times. They are always running something, the question is when yours fits in.

Once your on the schedule and your product runs, it is set flat and allowed to cure. Often that can be up to a week. If not enough time elapses the product is going to cure rolled and that is not good.

Once it is cured it is rolled and hand prepped for shipment. Depending on the size that will either involve hand wrapping the roll, building a custom pallet, or both. Then shipping estimates are pulled, a carrier selected and they will typically pick it up and deliver to your home or business anywhere between 3 and 10 days later.

Hopefully you can see this is not something that can be done quickly. Sometimes there is an exception. If you order a 10×10 and there is a piece they can cut it from, they may elect to do so. If you order a 10×25 and the longest stock piece is 24′ you are ultimately just going to have to wait.




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