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Which way do the ribs go — Part Two

Do the ribs on my garage floor go up or down?

ribbed garage floor matThose of us in the industry have a problem. We are so embedded in the industry that sometimes we miss very obvious questions or we write them off as being silly — until we find out a lot of people have the same question — then we blog about it so we can look like an expert 😛

The ribs on a BLT G-Floor mat go up and they run towards the garage door NEVER wall to wall.

It really is that simple. Here is an example just o make sure. For the sake of argument lets assume you have a garage that is 20 feet wide and 24 feet deep. When we say it is 20′ wide we mean the garage door is on the 20′ wall.

You would install two 10×24 mats. The ribs would be up and they would be 24′ long and run back to front not left to right.

Having many kids at home, I know the next question. WHY? First of all if you put the smooth side that has absolutely no pattern up you are going to get hurt when it is wet. Second the ribs are not structural. Third they are designed to go up so they catch water, dirt, etc.

Why back to front? So when you take a broom or a squeegee you can push the water and dirt out of your garage instead of into your drywall. If it runs on its own due to the slope, we certainly would prefer it goes out of your garage than to the side.

Note: There is no difference back to front or front to back, just being descriptive.





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